Hello and a happy and healthy new year to the whole Hollinger Apple Butter clan! I’m happy to announce and share the plans for this coming year’s Hollinger Apple Butter Reunion.

Hollinger Reunion

This year’s going to be great! We’re planning to revive the Apple Butter tradition and hold the Hollinger Reunion at Jennifer Jo Romick’s house in Covington, Ohio. Address, directions and a map will be included below. Call this a rallying cry if you like but please grab your kids, your family and your select friends and get them all to the Hollinger Apple Butter Reunion this year. If you haven’t camped with us I challenge you to pack up your gear and join us—camping at mom’s is always a blast. Come and help us create a new home for Hollinger Apple Butter.


The event will be the 2nd Weekend in October. The dates for the 2015 Hollinger Apple Butter Reunion are: Thursday, October 8th – Sunday, October 11th. Guests are welcome anytime after noon on Thursday, October 8th. The Friday night camp and cook out will take place as always—bring what you want to eat and drink and join the fun. Apple butter making will start first thing Saturday, Oct 10th. Anyone who can be there early to help peeling, coring and snitzing the apples is greatly appreciated.

So get your vacation calendars set now and come out and join in the fun! We will continue to pass the hat to help cover costs of port-a-jons, paper products, chicken, etc. The cost of apple butter will still be based on the cost of the ingredients and our yield. Our pit chicken lunch will take place Saturday at 12:30-1:00 p.m. Be sure to bring your own plates, utensils and beverages. Lemonade will be provided.

The real product of the Hollinger Apple Butter Reunion is not the apple butter. It’s the fun and experiences of the reunion and what we take home with us that can’t be contained in those jars and crocks. That being said I want to let everyone know that we will only be making one kettle of apple butter this year. This may go back to two kettles in the future but let’s start with just one this year and work back up to it.

For those of you who haven’t been to Jennifer’s house—it will make a wonderful spot for Apple Butter! She lives on 5 acres along scenic Greenville Falls Creek just West of Covington, Ohio. Her property will be an ideal location it has close access to State Routes 36, 41 and 48. We’ll place the apple butter kettle and chicken box up on the flat near the barn and driveways where people who are less mobile can be dropped off and picked up using the driveway and turnaround. There is also shade, seating, electricity and water available, port-a-jons will be placed on the driveway and we have ample room for parking. If we have bad weather there is enough space in the barn and garage to shelter everyone for dinner. We have space in the barn to store all of the Apple Butter materials such as the kettles, spiders, stirrers, cooker, chicken box, paper product storage containers, spitz, etc all within 50 feet of where they will be used each year.

Her property is wooded, has trails, and offers a beautiful view of the river valley. We have plenty of room to accommodate campers—no sewage dumps or water hookups but we may be able to run some electric to trailers. There are lots of other spaces in the woods, by the creek or anywhere else to pitch a tent or claim a spot for the night. Picturesque Greenville Falls is just down the street and offers a great waterfall, beautiful hiking trails, interesting exploring and scenic views that are really cool. There’s plenty of room and opportunity to fish and to play in or around the low-lying areas of the river. Do some canoeing, play some yard games or just enjoy lazing in our hammock there’s lots to keep people busy.

Stay tuned for upcoming information about email lists and tests, Winter woodcutting parties and other ways to get involved and help out the cause.

We have a couple of ways you can stay in touch with the group. The easiest way if you have a FaceBook account you can join or add other people to our FaceBook Group Page, Hollinger AppleButter. That page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/53852898820/?ref=br_tf or you can search FaceBook and find it easily enough.

If you are not FaceBook inclined then you can visit us at The Hollinger Apple Butter web-site here: https://hollingerapplebutter.wordpress.com/

AB Flyer copy

What: 2015 Hollinger Apple Butter Reunion
Where: 8760 Covington Gettysburg Rd Covington, Ohio 45318
When: Thursday, October 8th open for camping. Friday, October 9th – Friday night camping / cookout.
Saturday, October 10th > Fire lit and kettle starts @ 4:30 a.m. > peeling, coring, snitzing begins @ 7-7:30 a.m. Lunch: 12:30-1:00 p.m. Apple butter distribution when it’s done, usually early evening. Continued Camping, Saturday night bonfire. Sunday, Oct 11th > Clean-up, chill-out and head-for-home.


Directions: From ST. RT. 36 West > Take St. RT. 36 East (approximately 16 miles) turn right on Rangeline Rd.  (From 36 East > turn left instead). (approximately 1 mile) turn left onto Covington Gettysburg Rd. The house is (approximately 1/3 mile) on the right. There will be signs posted indicating where to park. Guests with special needs can use the driveway and turnaround to drop people off.

Directions: From ST. RT. 41 / 48 South > Coming from Troy on ST. RT. 41 turn right on ST. RT. 48 then make an immediate left onto Bridge Street (From 48 North > turn Right here). Follow Bridge Street down the hill and around the curves, Bridge Street turns into Covington Gettysburg Rd. after you cross the second bridge begin to look for signs (approximately 1/3 mile) on the left There will be signs posted indicating where to park. Guests with special needs can use the driveway and turnaround to drop people off.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please use the form below to submit your email addresses so I can update our email list. You are also welcome to send me your mailing address if you wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter. You can also email me at: hollinger.applebutter@gmail.com or call (937) four two two-4055 I’ll also be happy to add you or others to both our physical and our email lists so you can receive updates. (not a lot of email—5-6 announcements per year). I will be sending out a test email shortly to verify email addresses.

Hope to see you all!
-Rob Anspach
January 2015



This year’s reunion was held at Foxdale’s Campground in Union City.

2014, was a year of transition—no apple butter was made this year. Instead we gathered together and enjoyed the weekend and each others company. Attendance was less than 30. Tom and Teddie Hollinger and Danny Hawley kept our camping and cooking traditions alive. Plans for the future of the Hollinger Apple Butter Reunion were discussed—more information to follow soon.

Hello family and friends!


Good news Fall is in the air and that means the Hollinger Apple Butter Reunion is close-at-hand. So make plans now to join us at Mark and Pam Heirholzer’s cabin located on Brock-Cosmos Road just a few miles North of Ansonia on State Route 118.

The festivities kick-off Friday evening October 11th as we light the fires and begin to get everything prepped for making apple butter. We’ve also been known to thrown all kinds of good food on the grills and enjoy an evening dinner by the fire with whomever is on-hand. Bring whatever you’d care to cook or share and stop on out—we’ll be glad to see you!


Apple butter making starts bright and early in the wee hours of Saturday morning October 12th, the fires and cider will start off promptly (we always hope) at 4:30 a.m. and the apple peeling commences thereafter when the “peelers” arrive. From apple coring, peeling, snitzing the apples, running them to the kettles or to the relentless tasks of feeding the fires and stirring the apple butter there’s plenty to do so jump in and help out wherever you care to—if you don’t know how, that’s ok someone will be happy to show you the ropes.


Saturday’s lunch is a carry-in dinner of all sorts of delicious dishes and sides and pies the-likes-of-which any bakery could only dream of offering, we’ll be providing fire-pit chicken and ice-cold lemonade. This year we’ll once again pass the hat for donations to help cover and defray the cost of the chickens, paper products and the port-o-let toilet. So make sure you have your wallet or pocketbook handy! Everyone is encouraged to bring your own beverages and place settings. Lawn chairs are also a good idea. Please remember there is no running water or electric at the cabin so please plan accordingly and remember to pack out any trash that we have.


Once the apple butter finishes up we’ll divvy up what we’ve made and figure out the price based on the cost of the ingredients and the number of gallons we make. After which, we’ll all gather around the main campfire and enjoy the rest of the night in the company of great friends and family members.

Sunday October 13th will be reserved for breakfast, cleanup and setting the cabin and property in good order again. It’s a super event filled with great people and wonderful stories. I’ll also add a new album for 2013 photos to our FaceBook group page that everyone can upload photos to. Also for twitter or facebook users be sure to tag any photos #hollingerapplebutter so they’ll show up in the groups feed for others to view and share.

If anyone has any questions please use the contact information below or leave a comment on our blog or FaceBook page. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Happy Apple Butter!

Date: October 11th — 13th
Mark and Pam Hierholzer’s cabin and pond
3101 Brock-Cosmos Rd, Rossburg, OH 45362
Hollinger Apple Butter Blog: https://hollingerapplebutter.wordpress.com/
Email Correspondence:
circa71@gmail.com or romickje@who.rr.com

Woodcutting 2013

Calling all woodcutters!


I know some of you won’t be able to make it to woodcutting this year, but I thought you might enjoy staying in the loop on via the blog. I’ll post an update and add some photos when time allows.

So the weather outlook doesn’t look too bad for this weekend. It’s supposed to be sunny and a high of 35 on Saturday and 47 on Sunday with no rain or snow expected.

Here’s the plan:

We’ll meet at Bob and Judy’s place: 1795 St. Rte. 571 West, Greenville Ohio 45331 at 8:30-9:00 am on Sat Feb 09th and Sun Feb 10th, We’ll cut till we decide we’ve got enough.

Apple butter will be back at Mark and Pam’s pond again next year so we’ll haul what we cut and or split back to the cabin so it can season and be ready for next year. Between Mark and Dallas’ flatbeds and other trucks we’ll be able to move whatever we cut / split.

After the work is done we’ll retire to the cabin for a cozy warm night of spirits and stories.

Be sure to bring your woodsman tools and supplies as well as beverages and any food or snacks you’d care to share with the group.

If you have any questions get in touch with me on my cell (937) 422-4055




This is a reminder that Apple Butter is getting close. Plan now to attend the festivities.

Date: October 12th, 13th & 14th
Bob & Judy Welch’s property
1795 St. Rte. 571 West, Greenville Ohio 45331
Email Correspondence:

This year the reunion will be once again be held at Bob and Judie Welch estate, West of Greenville Ohio. Bob and Judie very kindly agreed to host this year’s reunion.

Festivities will begin on Friday night October 12th with the “bring your own food” roast and camp out. Apple Butter making starts early on the 13th and the 14th is dedicated to clean-up.

As usual we’ll be having pit-cooked chicken on Saturday for lunch. We will pass the hat for donations to cover the cost of paper products, the porta-potty and chickens. Lemonade will be provided, but feel free to bring your own beverages. Just keep in mind we all need to pack out our trash. Please make sure you bring lawn chairs this year as there are no picnic tables.

The cost of the apple butter is always determined solely on the cost of the apples and cider and we wont know that till later Saturday.

The reunion seems to get better every year! While your here take a look around the website, leave a comment or just let us know you’re coming to this years event!

If you can’t come, make sure to comment here on the site before the reunion to let the family know what’s going on in your life so we can share it with the rest of the family.

Apple Butter 2011

The dreary weather lately makes the beautiful autumn weather we had for the reunion all the more amazing. The days were warm enough fro some of our more brave and younger family members to go swimming in Mark and Pam’s newly enlarged pond.
We had a great turn out for the Friday night barbecue, we were treated to barbecued lamb courtesy of Bill Hime. Bill always manages to bring something interesting to eat. It’s almost as much fun eating on Friday night as it is the next day, and of course, there’s always plenty of good beer to wash it all down.

One of the great things about the reunion is seeing members of our family who live far out of the state. Greg Gullett and Jody Gullett (Mary Hollinger Gullet family) were here from Arizona. Thanks for coming every year and we send a big hello to everyone out West who couldn’t get here.

Saturday was such a perfect day! Snitzing (cutting apples in fine pieces) got done early and the roasting chickens tantalized us with their wood-smoked aroma. The noon-time prayer was offered by Scott         Hollinger (Elva Hollinger family). We counted about 108 people in attendance at lunchtime, and the donations to cover reunion expenses were generous again this year.

It was so great to see Florence Hollinger (Tom Hollinger’s Mom) who made a surprise visit from Columbus. We were especially glad to see young members of Judy Root’s family here this year. We hope you all had a great time and will become fixtures at future Apple Butters.

This year we cooked 45 gallons of cider and 12  bushels of apples—equal amounts of  Grimes Golden, Rome, Winesap, and Golden Delicious apples. The cider was $ 3.25 a gallon and the apples were $12.00 a bushel. We purchased our cider and apples from Downing’s Fruit Farm outside of New Madison. If you’ve never been to their apple barn, you are missing out—the apple aroma is just wonderful. They even have some very old varieties of apples that are at best rare.

The large kettle made 20 gallons of apple butter, while the small kettle yielded 18 gallons for a total of  38 gallons. The cost of each gallon of Apple Butter was  $8.00 — which was hardly any increase over last year’s cost.

Saturday’s table was loaded with great food as usual. It’s hard to fit a taste of everything on one plate. Our thanks go to Mark and Pam for the use of their cabin and property and all the hard work it takes to get ready for the reunion and to clean up afterwards. Also, thanks to our guys who do the firewood it takes to make the apple butter and stoke the wonderful night time campfires. Which is one of the best times of the day. The work is mostly done, everyone is very relaxed and it’s time to sit around and see what everyone in the family has been doing through out the past year. Thanks to Kim McKnight who went and got our apples and cider, and to Bob and Judy Welch who got the chickens for the barbecue.

This past year was very difficult for some of our family as we had several deaths in the family. Elvadore Hollinger died on January 2, 2011 at  82 years of age. He was born to Elva and Bell Hollinger on January 2, 2011 and was the eldest of his siblings. He is survived by daughter Judy Hollinger Root, grandchildren George Root Jr and Ricky Ray Root, and Great-grandchildren Rick Root, Joshua Root, Mark Root, Michael Root, and Adam Root.

Also this year, Walter Minton died on February 4th.  Walt was the son of Noah and Ethel Shook Minton of Ansonia and married Barbara Welch on June  6, 1945 he is survived by daughters Jennifer Minton Romick and Leeca Minton Smith, grandchildren Rob Anspach, James Anspach, and Travis Minton, and great-grandchildren Dallas Hunt, Bailey Anspach, Kyler Steele.

Every year, it gets harder and harder to keep track of our far-flung family. In order to maintain good family records, we need your help. If you have someone in your family pass away, please send Jennifer Minton Romick their personal information—an obituary is an easy way to give her complete info for the family archives. One aspect she really needs help with are birth and wedding announcements. Such joyful additions to our family need to be recorded so she can update our mailing lists.

Those of you with family members in college or the service need to send me their campus or military addresses and their email addresses so we can keep them in the loop of what’s going on in the family. Info can be mailed to: Jennifer Minton Romick—8760 W. Covington-Gettysburg Rd., Covington 45318 romickje@who.rr.com or on my Facebook page at Jennifer Minton Romick. As postage rates continue to rise, we try to use email as much as possible, so if you aren’t getting this by email, you should send her an email so we have the right email address. Also check out the Hollinger Facebook page for pictures from this year and years past.

Wikipedia: Hollinger may refer to: Hollinger Inc., the Canadian holding company that owns the Sun-Times Media Group.

Date: October 7th, 8th & 9th
Mark and Pam Hierholzer’s cabin and pond
3101 Brock-Cosmos Rd, Rossburg, OH 45362
Email Correspondence:
Hollinger.Applebutter@gmail.com or romickje@who.rr.com

This is a reminder that Apple Butter is getting close. Plan now to attend the festivities and join in the fun. This year the reunion is moving back to the cabin (complete with the newly renovated pond) on Brock-Cosmos Rd. just north of Ansonia on St Rte 118. Festivities begin on Friday night October 7th with the “bring your own food” camp-n-cook-out. Apple Butter making starts early (4:30ish) on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th is dedicated to clean-up.

Over the past few years we’ve lost several key people who really pitched in on the duties of getting the apple butter started in the morning. So we need your help to get the process started and to keep it going, we also need people to help with the schnitzing of apples and by relieving those who peel, core and stir the apple butter. This hasn’t been needed in the past but this year we’re making a special request that those people interested in helping should plan to be at apple butter and ready to go by no later than 9am (or earlier) on Saturday morning. The apples need to be in the kettles and cooking down so that the apple butter is finished before it gets too late.

We all need to pitch in and work together wherever help is needed from start to finish so that this tradition does not end. The possibly of two separate gatherings has been discussed, where those that want to only have a reunion could do so and those that want to make apple butter would gather separately. I don’t think this is a good solution as many of us look forward to this unique event every year and want to see it continue as it has in the past. I’m sure we all have wonderful memories of the traditions we’ve established, we are all Hollingers and it will be up to all of us if this tradition is to continue. So jump in and do your part to lend a hand where ever you can. There is definitely room for all and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. You just may learn something new.

We’ll also be having pit wood fired chicken on Saturday for lunch. Volunteers to dig the pits and help turn the spits of chicken would also be appreciated. As in year’s past, we’ll pass the hat for donations to defray the cost of the paper products, the porta potty and the chickens. Lemonade will be provided, but you should plan to bring your own beverages. Unfortunately, there is not money in the fund to buy kegs of beer this year, so please plan accordingly—keeping in mind that all trash will need to be taken with us when we leave. Please plan to bring your lawn chairs this year as there are no picnic tables. As always the cost of the apple butter is determined solely on the cost of the apples and cider.

The event seems to get better every year. You can check out photos from year’s past here. Come and join us, or if you can’t make the event, leave a comment on the website: https://hollingerapplebutter.wordpress.com drop us an email romickje@who.rr.com or call (937) 473-2803 before the reunion so we can share your news with the rest of the family.